Finalist at Emerging Artists Exhibition - South Perth Council Sept 2017


After turning 50 I decided to try my hand at something new - so I located a photo I wanted to paint, bought a canvas, some acrylic paints and brushes, and began painting. 


Mr Peli was my first attempt.  At the time, I was impressed that the bird actually resembled a bird, although many have thought he is on water, not flying through the clouds as intended (artistic licence!)!  I have learned a great deal since Mr Peli days - where I painted the bird first!! I continue to learn with weekly lessons, and allow myself occasional time-out at home to paint. 


I really enjoy the process of layering the background, generating more depth to the picture.  Painting gives me great joy.  I love the sensation of zoning out into the moment – and then stepping away some time later to realise that something has been created.

Best wishes,


First prize in the acrylic section of the 50th annual Beverly Art Show